About us

This educational website is developed for the school students who have present in grades 8, 10, and 11 to cover the SCIENCE subject requirement via distance learning methods.

During the pandemic season due to the covid 19 outbreak almost all the schools were closed and the school education limited for distant learning system. Therefore the students have faced many troubles as well as the teachers.

Due to these obstacles number of alternative teaching and learning systems were developed all around the world including apps, social media platforms, live streaming services, websites..etc.

This website also brings the necessary learning materials which are helping the students to cover their requirements based on the science subject. By the website, the students will be able to take lecturing videos, notes, examination papers, extra learning materials..etc.

Even this effort cannot fulfill the task which has to cover by the classroom education, it will be able to improve the student's studying progress up to some level during the pandemic season.

Best wishes to them...!